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    Default toe kick stuck on

    1996 Marathon, the bathroom toe kick will stay on even with the thermostat indicating it is hot enough in that area. I had replaced the remote control circuit breaker but that is not the issue. You must push the "110 volt heater" button on the main panel in the bedroom to allow any of the toe kicks to work. Only the bathroom one does this. I believe the tecklink must recieve signal from themostat and then tecklink sends low voltage control to remote circuit breaker. I do not think its the thermostat as when I rotate it too hot ,it has already been opened- ie no click.
    John Dyer
    1996 Marathon 45 with IFS

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    I think the Tecklink wall switch simply controls the motorized breaker. Then it's up to the heat's thermostat to regulate. The heaters are really basic. If you hear the thermostat click I'd check the thermodisc.

    Gil and Durlene
    2003 H-3 Hoffman Conversion

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