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    2006 Liberty Prevost. The front door (I hope there isn't any other door) has trouble latching. For the last year, it would latch one out of 3 or four times. Mostly, it would just bounce. Finally, I had the courage to take the door apart. I got the blow-up from Prevost in Ft. Worth. I carefully removed the door covering and got to the latch. I removed it. I soaked it in grease remover, and reinstalled it, without grease (wasn't sure which was right but now know how to take it apart again) and it closes, now 2 out of 3 times. So, I got a #50 star wrench and tried to loosen the bolt that is attached to the door frame using a 6 inch long socket arm. No good. It won't budge. So, do I live with a 2 out of 3 chance of latching and then push the safety latch and hope that keeps the door closed? What do I do?

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    No you shouldn't have to live with that the door should just click shut if it's closing correctly. Could there be some weather stripping that a prior owner has put around the jam that you didn't notice not to be original? Try adjusting the striker it may move some.
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    The problems I have had with the door closing have almost always been related to the striker. Easy to check from the inside.

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