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Thread: Anyone familiar with Oregon Hwy 26 recently

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    Default Anyone familiar with Oregon Hwy 26 recently

    Planning on going from Olympia to Bend tomorrow. 26 looks wet no snow yet, rain/snow tomorrow afternoon. Is it decent road with reasonable elevation, or should. I go the long way on 84 then down?
    any local knowledge appreciated.
    Gary & Lee Wood
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    This time of the year an accurate weather forecast will be your best friend. A storm looks like it's headed your way. Personally, I try to avoid snow when driving a coach. I recently had to go from Coburg to Dallas. I went so to I-10. A bit longer, but only snow was on the sides of the road. It looks like I-84 to 97 might be less risky.

    Safe travels!

    Gil and Durlene
    2003 H-3 Hoffman Conversion

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    Seeing this post made me think of when I first bought my coach, I had to bring it home through the Siskiyou's, I had a Toterhome years ago that I broke a chain on and made a heck of a mess, so I was reluctant to put chains on, even if I could. My tire friend told me to buy some Autosocks, he said they had used them in Europe for years, at this time they were not an approved DOT traction device, (it is my understanding that they are approved now) so I brought chains for legal requirements, and brought the Autosocks in case I actually had to get out of a jam. I didn't have to use them, but these are very light to carry, don't take up any room to speak of, and I think they would get you out of an emergency. I would always try my best to avoid driving in icy conditions, but these are a just incase scenario.

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    The Auto sock is approved by Prevost and is available through their parts dept. I bought mine for $139 including shipping. come in a bag and lightweight/easy on and off. Maintain the 20 mph maximum speed.

    Doug and Jan Roskelley
    2000 Vantare (1999) chassis
    Eastern Oregon

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