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    We replaced the ineffective Gaganeau quartz unit with a 220vac two burner induction unit that was the same size so no need to cut anything. Simple to remove the wires from the old G unit and wire in the new unit. When parked dry camping without the generator, or on 120vac 30 amp shore power, we keep a portable unit in a kitchen drawer (look for one that fits the width and length of your drawers). That sits on top of the kitchen counter when needed. While using it off the inverter it draws 144 amps indicated on one of the Magnum inverters when on high. Boils water for French press coffee in about 5 minutes depending on altitude so consumes about 12 amp hours to make a pot of coffee. We also keep another one in a drawer in the outdoor entertainment center for use outdoors. So far, we have not seen much difference in performance or reliability brand to brand. All are far, far better than the old G unit.
    Jerry Work
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    Our previous coach had a 120V cooktop and when we converted over to induction I could only find two burner units that "shared" the circuit. If one burner was on high, the second burner could only be on warm. We recently upgraded our 240V cooktop on our 2006 Country Coach XLII with induction and it allows full unrestricted control of both burners.
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    Gil..I have installed 2 of the German induction cooktops in our H3s, one in the Vantare and one in the Liberty.
    We have had huge one in our home for years and just love it... heats fast like gas and cools very quickly cooktops ever !!

    Larry & Diane Byrd
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    Here is a pic of our 220 volt in the bus so we used the two 120 volt units side by side. True each unit is 1800 watts but no problem so far sharing. We have been able to cook everything just fine.
    Again when not running genset and not plugged in we just ust the left side unit off the inverter.

    The two units are plugged into two separate 20 amp 115 volt recepticles.


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    Stephen, I misread your previous post. I got it now. As you said, and I missed it, you installed 2 units. That seems to serve your need to use the unit while on inverter power.

    All coaches that have a 50A shore cord have 240V. It just might not be used. It's also possible your generator is only 120V.

    For others than don't currently have any 240V appliances, it's easy to rewire your cooktop to 240V. But if your generator is 120V you may not want to introduce 240V appliances.

    Gil and Durlene
    2003 H-3 Hoffman Conversion

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    Thanks Gil. I bought one from K&H (located someplace in Florida?)...It's 220v. I had it installed in about 20 minutes it looks great and it works fantastic.

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