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Thread: 1997 40 foot xl ride height question

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    That's right on the cost comparison. Your original aluminum manifold block that they all mount to usually, probably will not need replacement if u purchase the entire assembly. Just switch them out 1 at a time.

    Be careful when you're in there digging around cuz there's a whole slew of push in fittings everywhere in there and you risk making additional leaks if you're jostle it too much. Unless you got a good collection of fittings that you can go in there and get rid of them all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Camper View Post
    U can not expect to get a correct reading at the front bumper u have to measure at the bags the number will be greater at the front bumper, think about it for a minute. The measurements at the front bumper will be exadurated.

    Bunch of guys with IFS that wish they could get that result eh!!

    Try this Mr Lake Cumberland. Just out of curiosity at the same place front bumper measure from ride height to all the way down, see what that is.
    Well here ya go Chicago Joe , The known ride heighth is 11.5 / And the measurement from the floor to the bottom of bumper is 15. The exaggeration is 3.5 Manual full up measurement from floor to bumper is 21.5 // 21.5 - 15 = 6.5 of travel going up. Now you asked for the lowered measurement and that was 11 from floor to bumper. Lowest point 11 - Ride Heighth=15 and full up=21.5 Of course you would have to deduct the 3.5 from each measurement to get rid of the exaggeration. Then you have lowered position @ 7.5 and ride height @11.5 and full up @ 18. And this is with Mae West bags.
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    Hi Gil,

    I know the coil is just an electromagnet that should only have two pins, one for 24vdc when the button is pushed and one for ground. my question is why that coil has three pins. What is the third pin for?
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    Without researching, my guess is the coil housing is a standard housing. If so, the third pin would be for safety ground for AC powered coils. Just a guess.

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