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Thread: 1997 40 foot xl ride height question

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    No wonder this has all seemed so confusing to me. From coach T5873 through coach Y-7045, 40 foot XL coaches with IFS but without the kneeling function were plumbed differently from what is shown here in the various write-ups and discussions about Level Low. For this range of coaches the Level Low system uses two three port, normally closed Norgren valves (both the same) in the steer compartment where all the discussion here talks about one three port and one five port Norgren valves in this location. The five port valves are used back at the air bags themselves. The lower these two three port Norgren valves is controlled by the first (upper) solenoid valve and the upper is controlled by the second solenoid valve. The third solenoid still is used to go into auto ride height mode and the lower two still control the rear right and left bags. Air pressure comes from the Aux Air system into the right most port on the two port side of the lower Norgren valve where it is teed to also supply air to the solenoid rack. So, quite different from the plumbing most often described here. For the benefit of those who come later, be sure to consult the actual Level Low diagram for your specific coach before reading the principles of operation described on this forum.

    Sorry to Joe and to Gil for what must have appeared to be groping by a blind many, and a big thanks to both for all their help before I found the correct plumbing diagrams. The correct ones were buried in addendum pages in both the Maintenance Manual and the Parts Manual pertaining to IFS coaches. I would be happy to post copies of the correct pages if someone can tell me how to do that on this forum.

    I remain with one question for which I have received different answers over the past couple of weeks. The four way rotary switch that is used to select "drive", "front", "left rear" and "right rear" has a knob with one long end and the other end is a shallow "V". Which of those selects the function? Up to now I have been told to point the shallow "V" to the desired function. All the Prevost supplied diagrams show the long end of that knob apparently pointing to the desired function. Inquiring minds want to know which is correct! On Friday the two new three port Norgren valves will arrive and after I install them I should be able to determine for myself, but would like confirmation from others before then. Thanks.
    Jerry Work
    Kerby, Oregon
    1997 Prevost Country Coach
    40 foot, no slides, 100k miles
    Closing in on 120k miles after two years

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    Good to know. Changes from coach to coach tend to be more of an concern with electrical systems. But clearly not all 5 port Level Low coaches are the same either. Yet another reason to pull the specific details on your coach from Prevost's web site.

    The two 3 port Norgren valve setup is what I've seen. That's why I suggested you follow the air line from port 2 of the manifold to determine which one to further investigate.

    Let us know what you find out after replacing the Norgrens. I assume the control air test out of port 2 was successful.

    Gil and Durlene
    2003 H-3 Hoffman Conversion

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