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    I think we need to start sharing some good drives with each other there's a lot of great roads we're all just driving right by we don't even know they're there.

    First one that comes to mind is the West Virginia Turnpike if you've never driven that and you really like to drive that's a good road. Before you get started put your phone away finish your drink and get it out of the cup holder. That's a Mountain Road with lots of hills and turns probably a lot more fun in the right car but regardless of the vehicle that you're going through there with it's a very challenging Road.

    Another little trick that works really good for me when I'm in between Chicago and New York is I go the non toll route on my GPS which takes you down 71 across US 30 instead of the Ohio and Indiana toll roads. That Corridor right there it's too much traffic out there everyone is driving 80 miles an hour. I just drove across US 30 I'm sitting at a Cracker Barrel back up to 80E about an hour out of New Jersey.

    Has anybody else been noticing there is a lot of freight on the roads again it's noticeably increased hasn't it been like that for a while.


    It takes an 11-hour ride and lengthens it by 45 minutes but it's free, zip, zero, nada. Mileage is the same, close enough. Then for a special little bonus, 90% of Ohio us30 is 70 mile an hour, there's a way way less people out there and you don't have to deal with that 80 mile-an-hour Congo line in the Hammer Lane out there on the toll road. This is a great way to take the bus between New York or Chicago and it's a lot easier driving with more to look at too.

    Then there's this skinny crooked hilly 2 Lane. Leaning, without a curb and a big ditch, the front of the bus is bobbin and weavin and your head feels like a ping pong ball and for the first hour or two on my way back to Elizabethtown and I-65 out of Southeast Kentucky a couple of weeks ago. Second time I've been down that road, that's a good road. I wouldn't drive it at night never but boy I love that road during the day.

    Where r your favorites?
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    Go west young man.....the west is full of such roads plus a few 80 mph congo lines in the major metro areas. The worst of the congo lines is I-5 from Mexico to Canada which goes through San Diego, the LA basin, skirts San Francisco, goes through the Eugene-Portland, OR populated corridor, then hits the Olympia-Seattle-Everett, WA, stretch that can seem like a lifetime to get through at the wrong time. The other congo line is the I-10 going east from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic in Florida. Seems there are far more trucks than cars on that one. Fortunately, there are many, many beautiful and less traveled roads to take if you want to slow down and smell the roses. US-101 along the coast, US-199 (the Redwood Highway) that connects US-101 at Crescent City, CA with I-5 at Grants Pass, OR, all the roads that go from the I-5 to the ocean further north, US-395, US-20, US-50 (called the loneliest road in America), etc., etc. Come on out here and enjoy the ride! Who cares about Chicago to New York, anyway (grin)!
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