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Thread: Generator not powering the bus

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    Default Generator not powering the bus

    New to the forum, we purchased a 2002 Millennium xl in January. Our fischer panda generator is running but not powering the bus. Anyone out there had this problem? Thanks in advance

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    Hello Matt, welcome to the asylum.

    I've got a really good friend and customer with an O2 Millenium just like you and although I've done a bunch of stuff underneath that bus I'm not really familiar with their electrical systems. However if you would like to private message me or call me on the phone I'll be happy to give you his name and number I'm sure he'd be more than willing to give you a hand with your O2 millennium he's got the exact same thing.

    As a general rule when something occurs like you're describing I will check Breakers on the panel on the generator itself to start and I would also verify whether or not the bus gets powered up from Shore power as well and if it does I'd be looking for some panels, probably downstairs, with the switch gear in.
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    I trust Joe or Millennium helped you.

    I can't recall if the FP remote displays voltage. If so, that would be my first check. Then the FP breaker. The next check would be the transfer switch.

    BTW, Fisher Panda generators were rarely used in coaches of any Male. Being German made and typically used in marine environments they aren't generally a converters first choice. As far as I know, only Millennium and Bruce Coach used them.

    FWIW, there is a very knowledgeable FP service place in New Orleans.

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