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Thread: Sparky Finds a Transfer Switch Problem

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    Default Sparky Finds a Transfer Switch Problem

    Here is another reason to check your high current connections. Some transfer switches were engineered at the edge of tolerances. What is a shame is the method of wiring the contractors (high current relays) could have been changed for free resulting in a much safer product. Here are the charred wires I replaced. BTW, one of these had almost melted through a neutral conductor it was laying on. That would have melted the wiring, causing at best a failure.

    Here's the inside of a typical transfer switch. You can see the 6 gauge wires attached to the switch by the converter which is where I typically discover loose connections.

    The problem is that the internally wiring is 10 gauge. 10 gauge can barely handle 50 amps and then only in an open environment away from other current carrying conductors. They ran a single 10 gauge conductor to each contactor and then installed a 10 gauge jumper between the 2 contacts in each conductor...DUMB. The better transfer switches install 2 conductors between the customer connection and the contractors. Instead of the jumper.

    BTW, Todd Engineering build this switch and is now out of business.

    Gil and Durlene
    2003 H-3 Hoffman Conversion

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    That could cause some SCARY scenarios for sure. Good save Mr Gil !
    My Wife said " You have Gone Crazy " When I purchased the Coach. Now She says , " DONT SELL THE BUS"

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