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Thread: 2001 Marathon heating issue

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    Still on my heating issues and now another problem showed its ugly face.

    This heating issue has me almost throwing in the towel. spent 6 hours today trying to find where the issue is. Anyway, checking the lines in the Wabasto bay which on the Marathon conversion it is the last bay in front of the radiator on the drivers side. I am not sure if this is a problem or not but I found a coolant line that has a bypass loop in it going back somewhere to the engine compartment. The bypass line is hot and the main line going back toward the engine is hot. But going forward it is cold on the side marked by an arrow. This is the weirdest thing. Is there some thing special about this area? Unless this is some sort of check valve it doesn't make sense. All lines going forward that I can reach and touch from the hot water bay are cold.

    Marathon coolant line in Wabasto bay 1-6-18.jpg

    Air lock issue on the main entry door. the top lock mechanism will not engage or move at all. The main latch works but is sluggish. Air pressure is up to about 80psi. I assuming both latches are tied together. Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on here?

    Thanks Cal

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    The cold side can only be cold if there is restriction on that line. I'm still of the opinion that there is a physical valve or electrically valve that is closed.

    Gil and Durlene
    2003 H-3 Hoffman Conversion

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