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    I'm currently in middle Tennessee and there's severe storm warnings for tomorrow. I'd like to get advice on what preparations to take in advance of the storm. I'm located in an open area with no trees overhead. Other than lowering the satellite dish, what would you recommend doing? Is it okay to leave the slides out?

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    Make sure your awnings are in. Although not really necessary, unless your coach has awnings that come out with your slides (and you don't), you might bring your slides in. Some will lower the coach to reduce the side-to-side rocking. That too is a personal preference. If you have to leave in a hurry, it sure is nice to have your slides already in. With leaving in a hurry, having everything except shore power disconnected and stowed can also really help.

    The biggest thing to do is secure everything around your coach. Damage from flying debris and objects can be your biggest concern.

    Stay safe,

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