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Thread: New Owner needs some orientation

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    Default New Owner needs some orientation

    On April 4th 2013 we became a Prevost American Owner. Having been in the Motor Coach Transporation business and owning an XLll I am familiar with the coach but about totally ignorant with the American system. We got the coach set up and parked last night and we are trying to learn the AMX system. Currently we have a breaker that resets about every 15 seconds that turns both TV's and the Mircro wave on and off. Coach lights stay on and are not affected. You cannot watch TV as it either resets so quickly there is not time for it to come on, or occassionally it will stay on long enough for the TV to come on for three or four minutes, then it goes off and starts recycling itself trying to come back on. Hey, this is final 4 weekend and this is not good. Anyone have any ideas what is going on.

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    I don't know American, but isolating a tripped breaker problem should't be too hard. Unplugged everything serviced by the breaker, turn on the breaker. If the greaker trips the problem is wiring or you haven't unplugged everything serviced by that breaker. If the breaker didn't trip, plug each appliance in, one at a time. If, the breaker trips on a given appliance, problem found. If the breaker doesn't trip, plug in each appliance until it trips. If it still trips, it's most likely a bad breaker. I'm assuming this is not a GFCI breaker.

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    It will be helpful if you can add a signature to your profile so everyone will know the type, model and year of your conversion. That will simplify things for all the readers every time you post. If you need help or have a problem, just let me know. Thanks, Dale, 850-587-2495,
    Dale & Paulette

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    In my Coach, all the plugs are controlled by a GFI recepticle after the breaker. My front TV is on with all of the starboard side recepticles. Not the microwave however. It is on its own breaker. So, like Gil has said , its a process of elimination. Identify every recepticle on that breaker first. Then one by one, un plug
    everything incl. TV , recievers, video, Sound, DVD, etc. Then reset the breaker and see if it holds. If so, one by one begin plugging your tv system back in.
    I would double check on the micro wave to see if it is plugged into the correct outlet. If it came with the Coach, it should have its own breaker.
    Sometimes, the breaker will trip when there is too much load on that circuit.
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    Good thread. couple even unrelated reasons

    Those Pesky GFI have the ability to really confound new owners the way they take out other components and acessories in all different locations that the one in question.

    Some Liberys for example front window shades that are 110 volts a/c and if the gfi on the backsplash in the kitchen pops you cant raise the windshield shades.

    After2 days of driving with the shades pinned up while going over and over the d/c distribution panel looking for a breaker did a call to North Chicago and the guys that built it, lead us to the glitch. Some libertys have d/c shades others have a/c shades.

    Getting off thread here a bit but I mention all this for the orphan aspet of your camper for the benifit of the lookers we have. Another great topic of discussion on its own merit.

    He has an American Conversion they are not around any longer so you dont have the luxury of converter support any longer. Unfortunatly with what recent years have brought us that would probably include a bigger percentage of us than not.


    if the advice already given was tried and either helped or not.

    Before you purchased that American knowing it was an orphan.

    Help us all learn. What was your thought process on this topic. Did it even seem important before getting it.

    Did you find out who were those guys where? Where did they end up?

    Who has of all the intelectual property of that company now? If not, are there POGers who know this stuff about American post up Id be interested in it.

    Who might be the right guy to have in your phone for "stuff" that you know is gonna stump you?

    If your asking here thats whats leading me to these inquirys? Already made thatcall and no answer?

    Inquiring minds would like to know.
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