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Thread: CDL Class B

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    I was told by NC DMV that the class B license wasn't really necessary but went and got it anyway. Did my driving test at the Morehead City office and all they wanted to do was get a ride. When finished driving a few miles I asked if he wanted me to demonstrate brake testing and go through systems and the inspector said it want necessary as since it was a Prevost he was sure all was fine. I made him go through it anyway. A piece of cake. If your near Morehead City I can be of assistance.
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    NC DMV site is not very clear on license requirements. From their Web site and driver's handbook you need a Class B Regular License. This in not the same as Class B CDL.

    What I could not find was testing requirements for the Class B regular license. It uses the same regular license handbook, so I assume there's only one written test. What I could not find were any road test requirements for any of regular license classes. I can only assume each class requires you to test in a vehicle of the class you are seeking.

    If you haven't done so yet, ask your local DMV office what the testing requirements are making sure they understand you are seeking the regular class B and not the CDL class B.

    If Bob is nearby I would take him up on his offer to help.
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    That's right Gil. For recreational vehicles over 26001 lbs North Carolina requires a non-CDL Class B. The back of my drivers license says: "Class B: Any single vehicle that is exempt from CDL requirements with a GVWR of 26001 lbs or more, and any such vehicle towing a vehicle with a GVWR not in excess of 10000 lbs".

    I had the same experience as Bob, pretty much the driving test was a loop around the block. As long as you can obey basic traffic signs and laws and pull in and out of the parking lot without clipping anything the license is yours!
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