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Thread: Interior LED Light Replacement

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    Default Interior LED Light Replacement

    I just finished replacing all of the overhead halogen bulbs with LEDs. The fixtures afre the common round pucks used by many converters. I sourced the bulbs from a selling in China on eBay. I did get the warm white versus the bright white LEDs and can't tell that there is any color difference between these and the halogen bulbs.

    The job didn't end up as easy as I had hoped. I'm guessing that more than half the fixtures I had to remove and reverse the wires. Of course the fixtures don't have polarity marked wires as a halogen bulb is not polarity sensitive. Make sure you have a lot of red crimp but connectors available. I probably used 40+ connectors. Another obstacle was that a previous owner glued the covers on some of the fixtures. As hot as those halogen's get, some covers had melted mounting tabs, which is probably why they were glued. Anyway, I used the spare new fixtures the previous owner gave me with the bus. The job took a long day as there's probably 40 fixtures.

    On a country coach, the many step dimmer does not work completely with these LED replacements. The dimmer now gives full bright or one step dimmer.

    The good news is this change out only cost about $50 and a day's worth of effort. Here's my eBay source:

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    That's interesting... are your lights all on dimmers and do the dimmers work with those new bulbs? Thanks..

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