Hey thanks Joe. Ya right I have seen that vent and it also makes sense to vent thru the base under the coach as well. I think inside install will suit best and leave the dedicated bay, dedicated for the tool boxes which seem pretty happy in there.

Will the new laundry go in thru the entry door? Hmm another adventure but all doable.

This XL is the Christian Rock band bus we bought in Oct and are refitting. Although it is in winter storage for a couple more weeks since we still have snow up here in the great white north. Back end gutted (they had crammed six bunks in there and dispensed with the original stuff, not saved) and new bedroom done except night table which is nearly done. Lookin pretty nice. Need to find some gas shocks for the under bed storage then begin replacing all the rope lighting and star lights, switch light and small bits.

All mechanical items are Zeroed out with all the required updates and many upgrades largely due to what you guys have shared here, thanks for that again. I found a shop that insisted I work through it all with the guys so I became educated, great deal for me. This meant multiple coolant and engine , diff etc...flushes fix this replace that and she runs and drives wonderfully now. Very little of the systems worked but picking through each one from level low to pressure water to Webasto they are working properly now. Very happy with all that. The layout is centre isle big galley, big bath, athwart ships bed position, maroon colour laminate cabinetry. Pretty basic coach that will get tested and used well while we own it, when it melts and dries up so we can get her down the drive here at the lake.