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    Default Business logo on your Prevost and Trailer...

    Anybody know if I put my company logo on my Prevost and trailer but not transporting goods across state lines if I still have to pay taxes to the states, forgot the term used.

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    The only time I spoke to a Prevost owner that had his business logo on the coach he indicated his coach was viewed as a commercial vehicle, and he became subject to all of the obligations imposed on commercial vehicle, including commercial plates, DOT inspections, etc. but the thing that got him most upset was that he had to get a CDL.

    Take this with a grain of salt because this conversation took place a long time ago and I cannot remember his state of origin.

    Having said that however I know if you are perceived as a commercial vehicle instead of a motorhome you will be viewed much differently by police. Two examples....In Spearfish at a POG rally we had the SD State Police commercial vehicle inspectors weigh our coaches and give us a talk. They made it clear motorhomes were beneath their radar and their focus was commercial vehicles. I cannot remember if they were talking specifically about weights or if they meant everything such as lengths also. A second example is two entertainer coaches were stopped in Cookeville TN by the TN State Police. They are commercial buses according to the law, and the law as written did not allow them to tow trailers, which they were doing. They had to unhitch, and get pickup trucks to tow their trailers to the state line. I believe the driver of one of the coaches was not allowed to drive even in states where towing was legal because he did not possess a Class A CDL. He had to be sent home and a replacement driver was required. My point is the coaches and their trailers make great billboards, but if doing so forces you to operate as a commercial vehicle you will be operating to completely different standards than an RV does.

    I don't think those standards are onerous, but there are going to be costs associated with a commercial vehicle you do not have now.

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