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Thread: US 95 - Blythe,CA. to Neddles, CA

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    Default US 95 - Blythe,CA. to Neddles, CA

    We took this route recently to attend the West Coast Mini - Rally and avoid possible snow along Interstate 40. While we were successful in avoiding any snow or inclement weather we were not too thrilled with the condition of this highway. It was two lane,hilly,winding,and from my wifes perspective extremely narrow but the biggest problem was its roughness . While the narrowness and the soft shoulders made me remain very diligent we were able to traverse the area without finding out exactly how soft the almost nonexistent shoulder was. Sometimes wife's lack a true understanding of what fine drivers we are!!!!!! Anyway, on a positive note due to the roughness of the highway we were able to discover and isolate an annoying squeak we weren't aware of.
    We returned to Texas via US 40. But thats another story!

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    Had I known, I would have warned you. That is, without doubt, the worst stretch of the US Highway system, known to man. When we went to the rally we used to AZ 95 north to Vidal Junction, just outside of Parker then transioned to the California side...bad call. Trucks a pleanty, narrow, rough, hilly, more narrow, construction, pilot cars, crowded, no shoulder, no where to pull off if need be and the bloody railroad tracks that are on the route after the short tour of duty on I-40 out of Needles....they will remove your entire suspension system if traversed greater than 10 mph.

    Should you ever do that again, stay on 95 in AZ thru Havasu...lots of traffice but smoothe..............urgh!!

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    Patrick & Sherry: It was nice to meet you both and thanks for coming that long distance to be with us in L.V. I'm sorry there was not any technical workshops at this rally for you to enjoy. Stay with us and at the main POG rally in Kerrville there will more tech discussions I'm sure, aren't I guys? Anyone coming from the Texas area to Las Vegas I suggest 93 out of Phoenix to 40 west to Laughlin, NV on 68 and north to L.V. on 95. We did that in reverse this week and are in Tucson.
    We were visited by the Phantom ( Dale Journek ) today here in Tucson. We had a nice visit with Dale & Jan.
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    Good to hear that Dale and Jan are doing well they've been MIA here for a while...

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    Awesome - we just enjoyed that stretch of road Friday evening after paying $3.69/gal for diesel in Needles. We took I-40 out of the Pismo area to avoid LA, and I kept thinking I would find a decent truck stop with decent prices. Passed on $3.19 at a Pilot out on 58, and thought for sure there would be a swarm of stops near Barstow on I-40 E. Not so much and by the time we got to Needles I needed some juice. Put me in a great mood for the ride to follow. What a POS road although parts of I-10 in LA were not much better.

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