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Thread: Vantare' session at OKC

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    Default Vantare' session at OKC

    Here are the sessions for the converter specific discussions for Saturday October 3

    -Liberty Dave Wisnoff & Jon Wehrenberg
    -Parliament Ken Robertson & Ben Cummings
    -Angola, American Randy Vanklompenberg
    -Millennium Nelson Figueroa
    -Country Coach Dale Farley
    -Vantare Ed Mrozek

    I know it is a little bit late, but if you are a Vantare' owner and would like to network with other "V" owners and drivers, drop me a PM and I will pull something together. Please let me know if you have a V-X (X series coaches) or a V-V (H3-40/45 VIP series coaches).


    If you have specific subjects for discussion, add those to your PM.

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    How about the Orphan Beaver Conversion?? I know, we are on our own, learning as we go.
    Jim and Chris
    2001 Featherlite Vogue XLV 2 slide with Rivets-current coach, 1999 shell
    Previous 22 years,
    We have owned every kind of Prevost shell but an H3-40

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    Sure, come join us. If we can't figure out the solution to a problem, we can always drink beer until it doesn't bother us anymore. Now we're talking rally!!

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