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Thread: Cost of maintaining a Prevost Bus

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    Default Another two cents

    I will have to second the commets made by John in the previous post. I owned a 97 Liberty from 05 to 08. It was an absolute pleasure to own and use. Extremely dependable and with the folks you are involved with I would have to give you two thumbs up on considering this coach.

    Liberty Coach is a great company with great products and super supportive of their coach owners.

    And like Ray said Steve from California Coach and Lee B (previous owner)are both POG members and come with the highest marks for honesty and integrity. It would be tough to go wrong with this combo.

    And if you dont get the job done there, go East and See Mangos Coach, Same ingredients, it s a Liberty too!
    Roger that!
    2008 Liberty DS XL2
    2023 Denali Ultimate
    My 6th Prevost

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    Larry and Ray,
    we are new POG members and a new owner of a 2000 XLV Lady Liberty Classic. We also purchased from Steve T AZ Luxury Coach. He was amazing to work with and helped us with the silliest of issues on our first night in the coach. Took our call immediately and had us comfy and enjoying the starts outside within minutes. Steve is very knowledgeable and wa every open and honest with us throughout the entire experience. We had owned a 1995 Luxor for 8 years and put more $ in parades than what we initially paid. But, the coach kept letting us down before every trip. We were constantly replacing batteries due to how the coach was wired. Regardless of how we stored it, nothing resolved the simple issues of having simple 12v/24v shut off switches. It was a great coach on the road, but every time we watched a Prevost go by us or pass us on the other side of the road we would say to each other, “that’s the way to go”. It just took a few back surgeries to get myself capable of camping again and some time to find what we felt was a needle in a haystack. We wanted a fully riveted coach with a north south bed and wanted much more storage than our old Luxor was missing. There was no way to full time in the Luxor. We also wanted a usable shower and I needed a seat to help me when showering. It was not easy to find, but all the sudden one day I found Prevost Stuff and to my amazement there it was. A beautiful riveted N/S with a vanity and shower with a seat and tons of storage. 6 closets and 22 dresser drawers throughout the coach in the back. The coach was well known by Steve and he was open and honest about the little things that were not perfect. He worked hard to get us delivery ready within a couple weeks. My only disappointment was not getting all the exterior lights converted to Led prior to delivery. We have dim and overly bright lighting and I think converting the lighting would have given us a nearly perfect package. But, hindsight is what it is. Welcome to POG. I am spending at least and hour and sometimes two each day just reading, absorbing and learning from the amazing folks on this forum. The aggregate know-how, experience, and willingness to help is eye opening and makes you feel part of a family of owners with a core passion. Happy to be here and finally part of this group of incredible people.

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    My friend, welcome, FYI you are commenting on a post from 2008. Also put your Coach info in your signature.
    Mike Giboney
    1992 Prevost Country Coach

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    Glad to see you two found the right coach and the right POG group!

    Mark and Debbie Fratto
    1998 Parliament

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    Welcome Larry and Ray! You will find a wealth of knowledge here!
    Jerry & Pam
    1993 Marathon XL40

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