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Thread: lousy service at prevost mira loma

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the POG Wilton and Tommie! I am sure you are about to be inundated with 'New Member ' greetings.

    Your Prevost manual should include your alignment service interval. Need for alignment outside of the service interval will show itself by unusual tire wear such as scuffing on the edges of the front tires as a result of toe-in-toe-out. The same can apply on the other two axles. Unusual wear in the center of the tire can be from over-inflation the same as under-inflation might manifest itself in more wear on the outer edge of the tire. Increased fuel consumption, as noted by other POG members, may also be a sign that an alignment is needed. Tire rotation may help but once a tire has developed a wear pattern it may very well continue that pattern until the tire is dangerous or it's life is shortened.

    The cost of any abnormal wear will ultimately cost more than an alignment. Buying new tires will likely be the result of ignoring alignment or inflation standards.

    My suggestion is to follow the factory recomendations in most all service related items, including alignment, however if your tires are wearing even and your tire person agrees that an alignment is not needed I would go with their advice.

    Oh by the way, NICE BUS!! Imagine an H-3 and a Liberty. What a great combination! Why not show it off at the Rally in OKC? I'm sure Jim Skiff can find another spot.

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    Welcome Wilton and Tommie. It's great to have another Liberty owner in the group, we do need more to help absorb the heat we get for having the best

    Do come to the rally if you can, you will like the people!


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