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    Since I do not have a PLASTIC shield on my coach, I needed a source for a few bottles of touch up paint. None of the local paint shops in my area were interested in mixing the small amount of paint I wanted, so I started looking around on the internet. I found this guy through a search on eBay, and emailed him directly. My coach was painted with Emorn, and the build sheet has the Dupont Emron codes for each color, five in all. What this guy did for me was match the Emron colors and supply them in a small 3 oz. bottle with a brush attached to the top. The bottles were about $20 each and the colors are a perfect match to the originals. Several folks here at the rally wanted his info, so I'm just posting it for anyone who needs a source for touch up paint. The guys name is Gary Hayden.
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    Thanks for the info. I am interested in getting a supply of touchup paint for my coach.

    Lee and I enjoyed you and Jan's company at the Sevierville Rally. Travel safely. We will be pulling out early in the AM.


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