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Thread: Marathon vs Vantare

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    I'm not sure of the exact model used by Marathon, just that they too use motorized breakers for some applications.

    I'm not sure if their wall switches only operate through TechLink or on top of TechLink. Of course, it could be model year dependent. TechLink is really a marketing name as there's been more than one architecture that has been used under that same name.

    What works when the coach's control system has failed is a great topic. It really depends on the coach and the year of the coach and in some cases which model in a given year. Most have some sort of manual override, even if cumbersome or inconvenient. Spyder Controls has manual switches on the interface modules as does Froggen devices. Some coaches could not operate their air conditioners if the controller failed (they fixed that). Some coaches could not be powered given their transfer switches were controlled by the coach's control system. Some ran everything through their control system, even things like the refrigerator. The best implementations will have a manual function if the coach's house control system fails. Thankfully, control systems are very robust. Even robust, they can fail. I recall a coach that had a wall switch fail and render the coach worthless. Nothing in that coach AC powered would work.

    Few owners know how to work around failures. Fpr some owners that's okay as long as someone a phone call away can help...what's your number ;-)

    Gil and Durlene
    2003 H-3 Hoffman Conversion

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    My cell was posted on my website as well as Face Book until the robocalls started slamming me! I'm pretty easy to get a hold of!

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    Thanks Gil and Donny for your helpful input. I want this coach, and hope it is still available by time I find a buyer for my class A.

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