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Thread: paint?

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    ajhaig Guest

    Default paint?

    What should I expect to pay for a relatively good quality paint job on a 40 foot coach? Not looking for anything that fancy.

    Can you recommend any paint shops (preferably in the northeast)?

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    Joe Cannarozzi Guest


    That is a tough question to answer.

    Type of paint


    Quote difference from 1 shop to another for the same job could be huge.

    You really need to do your homework on this one some extra leg work might save you thousands.

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    AJ, I think if you are still looking for a coach, and are thinking of spending $10,000 to $20,000 for a new paint job you might need to keep looking.

    I hope this does no sound like I am against a great looking coach, but on any coach purchase it is probable you will find it necessary to make repairs or upgrades to the coach or systems. For you to enjoy a coach it needs to be mechanically sound and reliable.

    Try to buy a coach that is mechanically as perfect as possible, or spend the money initially on trying to get it reliable. After you know you will keep the coach, and all other things are addressed, then get a paint job if it needs it. On an older coach, there is nothing you can spend money on including paint that will be returned 100% when you sell it, and in some cases there may be a zero return on the invested capital.

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    Harry (win42) had his first coach repainted about a year ago. He mentioned it in another thread here (could probably find it in the search function). As I remember, he got a darn nice paint job for just over $10k.

    I've also heard of people paying 30+

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    I believe Brian said his Paint Job was around 12k but the Company was working a deal for four caches at that price. A reliable firm would be upward in the $20,000 plus from what I have read. I believe Harry paid $14000.00 Plus for his paint job.
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    win42 Guest


    AJ, Find a design you like from another coach on the web. You can choose your own colors. Mail it to them and get a quote. Or call Coach Specialties @ 510-749-1398 Talk to Don. hey are located @ 2301 Monarch St. Alameda, CA 94501. We were very happy with the job they did. The have been in the Coach re-building and painting business a long time. They have a very large modern facility courtesy the USN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajhaig View Post
    What should I expect to pay for a relatively good quality paint job on a 40 foot coach? Not looking for anything that fancy.

    Can you recommend any paint shops (preferably in the northeast)?
    I recently purchased a 1999 45' Marathon from the factory. Along with a long list of projects, we asked to have the coach repainted exactly the way it was originally. Marathon is removing all stripping, (simple stripping pattern) sand plasting it off the stainless, redoing the cap, some crazing, repainting the aluminum top sides, a few popped rivets, clear coats, adding new fiberglass fenders, painted to match, polishing the stainless for just a little over $20K, and it was stated that I got a discount as part of my purchase and other work. A really good job can be expensive, and to get your monies worth I think you want to have it done by a reliable paint shop who has experience with stainless prep, and aluminum prep, and high quality paints. I have dealt with aircraft painting, and consider this in the same league.

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    dalej Guest


    Bruce, I'm really surprised that it would need a paint job. I could see a detail job but a whole paint job
    redo. For that year of coach that hasn't been used very much. Does it look like it sat outside most of
    the time?

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    I think Loc got his coach painted in the $15K range, but the General Manager of Prevost Ft. Worth said they recently had to have an XL2 repainted and the bill was $49K. But he said that had a lifetime warranty, so if you live long enough, it might work out.

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    Bill and Jody should chime in as they just had theirs painted in Ohio.


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