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Thread: Generator Coolant Replacement

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    Default Generator Coolant Replacement

    I recently changed my bus coolant to extended life (Final Charge Global). Is it acceptable to use same extended life coolant in generators (flush and replace)? I searched the topic and several have recommended using SCA based coolant and not the extended life coolant in 2003 vintage generators. Was just trying to simplify carrying extra coolant on trips.

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    Do you have a Powertech with Kubota engine? Or something else. I would be hesitant to do this without the blessing of the engine manufacturer.

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    I asked the Kubota generator tech this same question. His response was, they use the pink non-extended/long life pink ethylene stuff. He said if you use the extended/long life stuff, you will have antifreeze seeping and crust everywhere. So basic ethylene pink stuff, got it.... I went to the Zone and grabbed what I think will work, we'll find out. Peak Original Equipment Technology European Vehicles Pink Antifreeze and Coolant Concentrate as all the OEM cars listed on the label were mid-`90's to early 2000's. It has no silicates, phosphates, nitrates, amines (sounds like turkey sausage...). Pretty much void of all the stuff in modern extended/long life anti-freeze. Peak makes an Asian Pink/Red for Toyota and Lexus 1990 & up that is a phosphate blend...

    So the stuff I put in has a note in the manual that says don't use ASTM D3306 as it is for light duty automotive applications... The ASTM D5345 stuff specified in the manual was withdrawn in 2000 with no replacement. The other specified is the ASTM D4985 which appears to be current. and translates to PEAK® CONVENTIONAL CONCENTRATE ANTIFREEZE + COOLANT (Green) (PEAK® Concentrate Antifreeze + Coolant is a conventional (green), ethylene glycol based antifreeze for use in older automotive and light duty gasoline/diesel applications.).

    This is what will be going in when I replace my hoses, it meets the recommended ASTM D5345, description seems to fit application, and most importantly, I think antifreeze should be green. Peak also makes a Fleet Charge product that fits the bill too.... And the plain old PEAK® ANTIFREEZE + COOLANT CONCENTRATE FOR ALL VEHICLES meets the D5345 spec too... Who knows - this seems a little like the what's your favorite flavor of motor oil (beyond conventional vs synthetic), but I also failed chemistry.

    What I put in will probably work just fine but not last the 150k advertised miles in a Kubota diesel generator engine - it has none of the bad stuff, just like the D5345 spec. I also ran the 60% mix as the manual says you get another 10deg of boiling temp out of it - which you'll need if you fans/squirrel cages stop running..
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