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Thread: TST Tire monitor system

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    Default TST Tire monitor system

    Experience witg a TST system and reading the toad tires. Do you have a repeater for system if monitoring toad tires also?
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    I have the TST system to monitor all 12 tires (8 bus, 4 toad). You need the repeater so you get good signal from the toad tires. I installed mine in the rear side compartment above the chassis batteries.
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    Same for me. As far as I know, TST sells the base system now complete with the repeater. The repeater is 12VDC. I also installed it in a side bay. The passenger side just in front of the drive wheels. I had a 120 VAC receptacle in that bay and just used a small 120VAC to 12VDC converter to power the repeater.

    Used the system for the first time going to POG Michigan and it worked flawlessly for the month that we were out.

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