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Thread: Ford Death Wobble Have you experienced iit?

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    Default Ford Death Wobble Have you experienced iit?

    Twice the F 150 has started the death wobble while being towed.
    Each time was when pulling in a turn at an intersection. Both times was a turn to the left.
    In rethinking events the road was severely irregular with pavement pot holes and humps which come from continued braking action on the pavement and no repair to surface.

    The truck started wobbling side to side and shaking the coach and the rear camera showed the Truck going from one side to the other.

    I was at a speed of 10 to 15 MPH as I was making a turn in the intersection to go to the left.
    I slowed to no effect and had to come to a complete stop and restart to eliminate the wobble.
    Glad I had a heavy duty Roadmaster Nighthawk tow system as this was a lot of pressure on the system transfering into the bus.
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