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    I have been using a Cradlepoint router with an AT&T SIM card in it now for almost 3 years and been generally happy with its performance for internet and streaming. Let me start by saying that I am no fan of AT&T. I dumped DirecTV after being their customer for over 24 years within a year of that acquisition and when my fees crept up with no notification all while programming plans were reduced. I only used the AT&T SIM because the router was specifically programmed for that carrier and I was able to purchase a no-limit, non-throttling data plan for +/- $80 all in.
    Two weeks ago I stopped getting cellular service. From past experience, calling AT&T for any reason is generally an unpleasant event, but they verified that they were sending a signal to that card and that I should first get the card checked at an AT&T store, then check for the latest firmware on my router as they had recently changed their signal format. I did both, and long story, short version, ended up buying the latest version of Cradlepoint's my router rather than extending the license on my current unit that was nearing its end of life support from the manufacturer. I registered this unit's identification number with AT&T and was given a new SIM card. I re-assembled the new rig and thought I was off to the races.

    Unfortunately, it would not link to AT&T. This prompted multiple calls back to both parties as well as my driving the bus to another location in the event signal strength while sitting the garage might be a problem. I finally tried a 3-way call between CradlepointCradlepoint and AT&T tech support and this is where it got interesting, albeit more frustrating. During this 2 1/2 hour conversation, I learned that AT&T no longer offers an unlimited data plan (although they never notified me of this and were still charging me for their Elite Unlimited plan) and that they would not support Cradlepoint devices on a consumer level, but only on a substantially more expensive business plan. To add insult to injury, I would have to wait until the next business day to discuss their business plan options with their commercial sales department. Cradlepoint even suggested linking through the FirstNet plan for first responders that since they do still support that network but they were unwilling to put me, as a retired fire fighter, on that platform.

    Out of desperation and at 6pm on a Saturday, I saw a Verizon store on the way home and stopped in since we have all of our phones with them. I explained what I wanted the SIM card for, and within less than 10 minutes I had a 50 Gbps card in my hands and it was registered to my exact device. Their rate was $25 less than AT&T wanted for 40 Gbps, and the overage charges are much more forgiving. I returned to the garage and was streaming less than 5 minutes later. That said, I urge any AT&T or DirecTV customer to question continuing to give them our business.
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    Towson, your story is not surprising. I would have expected better when SBC bought AT&T, and there was improvements for a while. Their downhill spiral seems linked to their acquisition of DirecTV.

    As for VzW, I'm surprised they didn't also require a business account. For the longest time that was the only way to get an assigned IP address. If you aren't connecting to your coach that wouldn't be necessary.

    Several months ago my wife bought a data Modem, maybe an Orbit, from VzW. I was impressed how much better it performed than my new 5G phone as a Hotspot.

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    My better half (computer scientist) says this may be an acceptable alternative

    FMCA Connect
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    I can add to the Direct TV experience. When I bought my coach 2 years+ ago it had Direct TV installed. The previous owner set up a Crestron System with a tablet (Yeah in a "95" coach believe it or not!) and it had Direct TV set to go. Only bump was when the previous owner cancelled their service and we tried to set up an account they had changed their satellite frequency and we had to install a new Tracvision antenna, hub and receiver to the tune of 4K+ After that everything was fine. We suspend our subscription through the winter to save $ since the coach is parked in my garage. This past march we pull the Diamond Lady out of the garage to live in it while our home is being built. We start up Direct TV again and now there are no HD channels. We call KVH and are told we need to update the antenna again to get HD Direct TV. So, Direct TV sucks and I will look for an alternative. Our system also had a Cradlepoint but was removed when we bought the coach. This seems like a promising alternative.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BadFitter View Post
    My better half (computer scientist) says this may be an acceptable alternative

    FMCA Connect
    That plan is not quite what it seems. AT&T is throttling that connection to a max of 12mbs.

    Currently the only real (legit) unlimited mobile data plan is from the Calyx institute.

    They have a grandfathered non-profit plan that was created under Sprint, and as part of the merger with T-Mobile the FCC is requiring them to maintain that plan. How it works is a little odd, you have to become a member of Calyx, and as a paying member you get an included data plan. Many people use it.
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