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07-08-2020, 03:48 PM

I am looking to update my captain and passenger seats. I am looking for the most comfortable, high end replacements. Thoughts?


David Thomas
1998 XL Featherlight

Joe Camper
07-08-2020, 06:38 PM
Hey Dave. The base for the ISRIdriver seat is an unbelievably difficult thing to remove my suggestion would be take the bolsters off and have them reupholstered. The passenger seat is a completely different animal you can keep with what u have or put about anything over there.

07-09-2020, 12:42 PM
I'm in the process of replacing both my seats. One reason i didn't just reupholster them was that I wanted 3-point seatbelts. The older coach seats only had the two-point lap belt. I priced them and found it wasn't much different going thru Marathon (coburg). They outsource the drivers seat to Prevost, the co-pilot seat is done thru Villa. By sourcing the leather/thread themselves, then sending to those two builders, Marathon can ensure the seats match. Bonus: The new co-pilot seat is 3 inches narrower, leaving a bit more room to walk thru. Let's be honest, the original co-pilot seats were simply wider than necessary. Of course the full body vibrator feature is a big hit for whichever of us is sitting in the passenger spot.
We spent several hours drooling over various leather options with one of their designer helping.
The results are stunning and have really transformed the look of the coach, particularly as you enter.

07-09-2020, 01:14 PM
This may be the better of the high end driver's seats.

Joe Camper
07-09-2020, 03:26 PM
I would not take on removing an isri drivers seat to replace with something different for any amount of money. Don't really care to do repairs on them either.

What's that tell u?

07-09-2020, 10:12 PM
I’m w/in a week of removing my ISRI seats to get them both reupholstered. Joe, you saying it’s a big pain to remove them physically - or you talking about If you are replacing w/ something different from ISRI? Hopefully not a biggee if just pulling to recover, yes?

Donnie Myers
07-10-2020, 06:24 AM
We replace the driver seat with the Knoedler with all the bells and whistles that Gil Linked to. We then rebuild and redesign the buddy seat to match the new style drivers seat. It is not a cheap project when you start pricing the leather! Just remember, not all leather is created equal and you will regret going cheap on picking it. In my opinion, the driver and passenger seat sets the stage for the looks of the interior as it is the first thing you see when looking into the coach through the windshield or walking u the steps. We also make slip on seat covers out of a breathable washable material. It is crazy to see what the oils from your hands do to the buddy seat as people touch it while going up and down the stairs. We fabricate an adapter to use with the Isri base.

Joe, if you need help with those evil Isri seats, let me know..lol

Joe Camper
07-10-2020, 08:32 AM
Don't need the work Donny thanks for the offer. When u remove the drivers seat do u pull the base its mounted to that bolted through the floor or does it remain?

If so how do u get the back 2 bolts.

Donny also when u get a bus that's 15 or 20yr old is it always cut and dry the match in leather color and grain or the alternative.

I watched the gyrations a friend went through redoing seats to match the dash leather on a 2000 and it took a great deal of effort to find a match. Could it have been easier?

Joe Camper
07-10-2020, 09:53 AM
Hey Dave u know me. Although I primarily focus on chassis and suspension u know there's not to many things I can't fix.. if I need to.

There is a small group of posters out here that bring another perspective to the discussion . We all r from the Trucking and heavy equipment and construction industries. So naturally we r making comparisons. Some legit some wrong. Let's face it. These campers r air brake and big wheels and big motors like big trucks but it IS a Prevo not a Pete and should be givin its appropriate care and consideration when replacing original components.

I think its also safe to say many of the components used in the conversions, for the average guy, r expensive, complicated and not always necessary. Less is more.

These air ride drivers seat falls right into that category especially for those bringing different perspectives.

If it were my bus I'd put the time and effort into rebuilding whats there. That way the seat can be reasonably easily removed and replaced without additional removal of its base and on the bench u can better replace all the rubber lines and plastic t's and the bellows and the ride height valve and the control buttons for the lumbar supports and all those other wonderful unnecessary complicated prone to failure dohickies while u have the cushions sent out for new cover. U can also bench test everything way way easier than trying to make those repairs in place. Another thing I've encountered with ISRI is when getting replacement pieces correctly on the first shipment can prove to be very elusive often requiring a 2nd and 3rd swings to get them all. That could be due to my ineptness but I don't think so.

Thats just my opinion. Even though I don't like the seat it is a proper seat for a Prevo and if u make it right its really quite a remarkable piece.

Then I'm sure there r those other perspectives that conclude after a few short hundred thousand miles in the bus verses literally millions of miles on a truck with 1 style thats in need of replacement at 200,000 with loads of issues and the other rolling on at a million trouble free, something must change.

The other perspectives also i think can more appreciate the quality of the ride in the bus to truck comparitively and its superiority or in simple terms. These busses r so smooth an air seat isn't even nessessary many probably have concluded.

The match and comfort and look absolutely thats got to be there.

But the mechanics of it u don't need all that additional bits of fuss that u have to pay additional for.

So if I were going to change it there's no way in hell id put another similar seat with all the items I noted. Gill and Donny both come across as Great Americans and experts in their field but forgive me u guys I'm pretty sure without looking I'll not like your alternative. Convince me 8m all ears.

In the meantime.

Look here and my choice would not be the more elaborate styles I'd get the simplest mechanism and concentrate on the style. I would not hesitate to buy a new seat even if it didn't match then I'd send the cushions bran new to get the match.

These seats last forever without issue or expence. I've sat in them for millions of miles. The one I'm sitting in now has 550,000 on it its never been touched. Anything that preforms this sufficiently in a truck chassis is going to preform that much better in the bus.

https://www.bostromseating.com Click on products then click suspensions.

Good luck with your choice whatever it might be and keep us posted buddy.

Hope this helps.

07-10-2020, 11:02 AM
http://www.coachsupplydirect.com Has a good quality selection. I like the 545 Busr Greeley Captains Chairs. I do not have any idea how hard it would be to swap out the ISRi ? Sounds like a real PIA per JC ! Now if a new seat could be put on the ISRi base , would be much easier right Joe ?
Donnie , Do you know if something like this is possible ? There is a Liberty that Tom used to own that He sold to the late Peter Campbell that put these seats in it. And they look super comfortable.

07-10-2020, 04:27 PM
I put the seat Gil directed you to with Knoedler in a couple years ago. Did it the same time I redid my flooring so pulled everything out at that time then tiled the coach all the way back to the engine bay stepup. Had to do some modifications to the seat base. Other then that not a big deal. Getting that big passenger seat out is a feat. With the powerfootrest option that sucker is heavy. Fortunately my passenger seat leather is still good. My drivers seat isnt a complete match but no one has said it looks out of place. Ride features are very comfortable. Good luck with your search.

07-10-2020, 06:10 PM
Joe C: As to your question about matching the new seats to existing interior colors. I would recommend you NOT try. It never matches and even if you got a match, things change over time, and these two items (new seats and old interior) would not change at the same rate due to such different age. An alternative approach is to find the interior color themes and compliment them, not match them. Go for contrasting but in the same color theme.

Joe Camper
07-11-2020, 08:59 AM
Hey Joe that's what my friend was warned of and what he went through. Eventually after a prolonged search they did finally get there. Time will tell if it alters??

Craig, aren't u in a wheelchair? So u r very talented or have a great wingman preforming these tasks.

07-12-2020, 01:02 PM
Yes Joe, 34 years this year Ive been riding a wheelchair. Hooked a powerline with a wingtip cropdusting and broke my back after the not so soft decent. Im able to do a lot of things when it comes to trouble shooting and tinkering on things within reach which on a Prevost are more then many would think.... but Ive also been blessed with a lot of talented people that seem to appear at the right time when I need a hand. Its guys like you Joe that keep guys like me enjoying these incredible machines. And all the others on this website that donate their time and talents to helping us do just enough on our own that we can afford to keep them going LOL. I appreciate you guys a lot!

07-12-2020, 01:09 PM
Craig, You're an inspiration to us all. Thanks for sharing. I've seen pics of your dual entry coach, an awesome machine. Did you add the second door or did it come that way?

07-13-2020, 11:41 AM
Ive been told Angola Coach built a few of these side entry optioned coaches. The side door is actually factory Prevost and was available as a factory option on the late 90s XLs. i was told the owner of mine saw Angola's Show Coach at one of the RV shows and said he needed to have it in his. Angola found it to be very helpful in showing the coach by bringing people in the front and walking them through and out the side doorway. The entry has a slide exposing steps that at a campsite are the shortest route to the galley area. Panterra Coach actually has another side entry for sale on the POG site now. This is the only other side entry optioned XL Ive see but heard Angola built a few of them.

Here is a link to a tour of my coach I thought some might enjoy to see what Ive done to the coach to make it work for the wheelchair. Its actually pretty much original.


04-08-2022, 03:30 PM
Have you seen these installed as replacements for ISRI seats? I am looking to change the seats in my 2004 Marathon. Mine has 200k on it and I need better support.