View Full Version : Dash Air Pressure Gauges Indicate different readings.

Jim Dross
09-24-2017, 08:57 PM
Upon leaving on our latest excursion I noticed that my left air pressure gauge would only reach almost 100 lbs. while the right went to 125 lbs. When I parked at the campground I lowered the coach to a level position. Both air gauges remained at their readings for 5 days, which indicated no system leakage. Before I started the engine I released all of the air pressure and both gauges went to zero. I warmed up the engine and the air pressure gauges came back to their earlier readings, I continued our trip back to the barn without issue. I am curious where I need to start looking for this issue. ( On our previous trip last month both gauges read the same 125 lbs. :-)

Our Prevost is a Country Coach #60227 1994 XL45 119K miles.

In June Prevost Fort Worth installed new air bags, shocks, and link bushings. After their under chassis inspection they affirmed no air leaks. We have made 4 trips since June.

Thanks, Jim Dross

I discovered the problem and solved it by lightly tapping the dash panel between the air pressure gauges with a metal object. The lazy gauge snapped to attention and has worked fine on the last 2 trips.

09-24-2017, 11:19 PM
Which air system is indicated on the left gauge, front/secondary brakes?