View Full Version : Country Coach Conversions Drive Axle Brake Lines

Joe Camper
04-29-2013, 10:13 AM
Specific as the title eludes but losts of CC out there and like this thru the 90s.

After CC ran the generator exhaust they decided to be completly safe they wrapped some of the brake lines that were in the general vicinity to make sure the heat of that exhaust does not damage them.

They wrapped 3 lines and they are all located at the pass side drive axle the lines going to that parking brake chamber. They did a very complete well done job they wrapped them in the same fashon we have the flexible exhaust on the generator slide is. They used header wrap and then covered that with a very thick aluminum foil type of product (by the way Ive never identifiedand like to).

If this is what U have it needs to be serviced. Those lines need to come off and get replaced for 2 reasons.

First is unless some prior owner did it , and did it right, what your probably looking at is 2 1/2 in rubber brake lines that are original and 15 0r 20 yr old. To add to the urgency of this repair is all that additional weight of the insulation on those rubber hoses weighs very heavily on them and over time and gravity and bouncing and they litterally fold over right at the fitting at the chamber.

All of the earlier chassis say 95 and older have all aeroquip 2piece reusable hose ends so for 2 bucks a foot and a brass ferral and about 1/2 hr you can normally make new.

These insulated hoses will take U longer prob an additional hr just to wrap them as well as CC did.

All the ones Ive seen were terrible and in need of replacement If yours are not protected some prior owner replaced the rubber hose but did not replace what insulation was originally there.

If U have an older CC and is where they ran your gen exhaust up and over the drive axle.............................................. .. now U know the rest of the story.

Be safe and have fun gettin dirty on this project.