View Full Version : Suspension Air Pressures and Heavy Front Axles

Joe Camper
04-23-2013, 01:19 PM
The expmple today is a 2000 Vantare H3-45 double slide. A very heavy front axle. This bus is new to the owner and you know how that was. It has not been weighed yet. I am guessing 17 or 18000lb front end.

Any help exacting that guess?

It is a very unique bus it was a Ford Racing Team Bus and has a Stacker that is a full blown comercial kitchen. It has a second gen on the bus specificly for that.

It is a side Isle and has a rear door in the isle that opens out into an aluminum porch and stairs that stow in the trailer. Here is a real 1 of a kind Vantara H Prevo.

A Heavy example for discussion.

So we begin to explore the level-low and here is another example of how criticle the air pressure settings for the engine compressor are in these applications as I was eluding to in some other threads you may or may not have seen.

The govener shuts off at 121psi on this bus and I would say under normal conditions absolutly perfectly acceptable. This camper is "not normal" as are many of us LOL

The bus very slowly comes to ride height in driving mode.

In level low it will not raise the front above ride height. It has HWH leaveling on it and he cant figure out if its broke or he is not doing something he mentioned it works "wierd".

Its another 10lb on the regulator and max brake tank pressure changed to 130. Thats all it took to straighten all that out and if it were there to begin with he would have not even needed my help cause it would have functioned fine.

theres 300,000 on it and judging by the overall condition its been loved and well cared for YET even being the good stuarts they appeared to be to me Ford Racing either never noticed the failure or just never needed. Possibly somewhere along the way the govener was gone bad and replaced and got set where any truck mechanic would put it 120 to 125.

If you judge the preformance and reaction of your level-low poor or slow where does your brake tank pressures get to?


This is a free easy fix hope it helps.

I know Big Rigs loaded are running suspension air pressures fo 60 or 70psi for a 34000 tandum. Someone should stick a pressure gauge on the front suspension on a DS coach to see where it is when your up in level low. bet its closer to 90 or more.

Ever try to air up a tire to 100psi with a compressor that only goes to 120 psi? takes for ever same difference