dale farley
03-26-2013, 01:29 PM
We all hate it when we park the bus for a while then notice it is starting to lean to one side. In most cases, you can start the bus let the air build up and things look good again. Unfortunatley, that is a very temporary fix. So where do I start looking for the problem? The best place to start is looking under "Articles" and reading these two or just click the links below:

Prevost-Suspension-How-it -Works by Hector Duplichen http://forum.prevostownersgroup.com/content.php?52-Prevost-Suspension-How-Does-it-Work
PrevoPrevost Air Systems and the Leans - http://forum.prevostownersgroup.com/content.php?46-Prevost-Air-Systems-and-the-Leans-as-Presented-at-POG-IV

It will also be helpful to do a search on "Air Leaks" and read some of the posts that members have made. Once you know a little about how the system works, you should start actually searching for leaks. As the picture shows, air bags and all connections are to be suspect. Many leaks can be easily identified by spraying with bubble solution from Walmart or something more sophistaced such as Big Blue Micro Leak Detector. Big Blue is used by AC/Refrigerant technicians and will show leaks that may appear up to 30 minutes after being sprayed. The picture of the air bag was on my bus, and I had no idea I had a bad air bag. Fortunately, the air bag replacement was an easy fix.

Once you have corrected and eliminated all the obvious options, you can look for internal problems such as Norgren valves, etc. This post is only intended to give you a starting place and hopefully others will chime in with suggestions. As with all things on POG, ask questions.

03-27-2013, 08:24 AM
I think Hector is the only Member with the credentials to boast he was " Leak Free." Something I wish I could do.