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04-09-2007, 11:49 PM
I notice in some of the bus pics that many of you have GPS's on the dashes. What is you reception like inside the metal bus? I have problems with the AM radio and a hand held older style GPS. I have even had problems with my laptop running MS streets with the antenae on the dash. Do you use an external antenae for the GPS or is it just the portable units antenae?

Ray Davis
04-09-2007, 11:56 PM
I use a Garmin 2720 and it works great without an external antenna. It sits right on the top of my dashboard, and I don't recall ever having a problem with bad reception.

04-10-2007, 12:11 AM
Hi Greg. Mine is a built in unit (Alpine Multi-Media)combining radio,CD, Video, & Navigation with a small Antenna on the roof.

04-10-2007, 06:18 AM
I have a small Garmin 330. Suction cup holds it to the windshield or dash. Works just fine.

04-10-2007, 06:34 AM
I have an indash radio/back up camera/ gps that I dont know how to operate. Computer Challenged ! Will pay for lessons.

Jon Wehrenberg
04-10-2007, 07:02 AM
I used a Magellin for several years and it works fine. On occasion it would lose the signal if I was pointing the wrong way, but for the most part it was always seeing a satellite.

For this trip I am going to use my Garmin 396 that I ordinarily use in my plane. I know some others have used one. I am hoping that this will allow my to have weather information as well as trip guidance.

All GPS units are designed primarily for the sloped windshields of cars (or planes) so our near vertical windshield does not allow the antenna to receive signals from as many satellites. FWIW, my GPS will not work in my Mercedes apparently due to some coating on the windshield.

04-10-2007, 09:07 AM

We have had a Carin, a Pioneer and a Garmin in our coaches and all have worked well. Some are easier to program then others though! The Millennium has an Alpine Navigation system which I am not familiar with. Then again, I haven't even seen the coach yet so that makes sense:D

I gave Bob-00 a Garmin 660 portable for Christmas. It is fabulous and easily moves from vehicle to vehicle. Thanks to the POG guys for recommending Garmin and to Ben for suggesting the portable one that has a larger screen and can be mounted in a beanbag type mount rather then on the windshield. Bob uses the "female" voice and I am guessing that is because he likes to confuse her when he takes short cuts and she keeps saying "please make a legal u-turn!"

04-10-2007, 11:35 AM
We use a Garmin 276C, its a couple of years old now. The reasons I like it is that I can use it in the bus, bike and boat. Its a little small for bus driving, but it is ok.

I really liked the 7200 series but it was a little priced a bit high. It would be to big for the Harley.

04-10-2007, 12:24 PM
Our portable Tom/Tom works great stuck to the wind shield.

04-11-2007, 12:04 AM
Thanks Gals and Guys.

04-11-2007, 09:01 AM
Like the TV ad on the air, we have an "in hand GPS", A MAP !!!